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Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 10th, 2024.

You won’t want to miss the Gaylord Methodist Women's annual Women’s Retreat!

Three of our own members will share their amazing stories about how Standing on God's Promises changed their lives.

Registration is NOW OPEN!

(Form available below).

Registration and payment must be made in advance by August 6th.


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Kelly Ann Kay Cadeau

GMC Member

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Mitzie M Hoeh

GMC Member

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Debbie Altman

Associate Pastor's Wife

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Michele Gianino

Retired Pastor's Wife


Judy Sweet

Retired Pastor's Wife

God has been in Kelly’s life all along and she has experienced several tender promptings from God. She was born in Flint, Michigan and grew up near Durand, a farming community near Flint.

She attended and was very active in a small country Methodist

Church in Duffield, MI.

She taught Sunday school, volunteered at church camp outs, turkey dinners and Christmas Plays. Kelly was active in Girl Scouts, 4H, and danced Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

While attending Durand High School, she participated in Track and Field. She enjoyed deer hunting and snowmobiling in the Upper Peninsula,

which led to a long-distance relationship with David Cadeau.

Following high school, Kelly attended Michigan Technological

University, majoring in Civil Engineering Technology. She was

doing an SME (Soil Materials Engineering)

Co-op program in Bay

City when she developed a slightly herniated disc affecting the use of

her arms and legs. Through treatment, Kelly was diagnosed with

MS. This was a confusing and frightening time. Kelly’s faith, sheer

grit, and support group brought her through those difficult years.

On October 19, 2002, Kelly married David Cadeau. David’s job with

MDOT brought them to Gaylord where they are members of the

Gaylord Methodist Church. They have two children, Praise God, a

son Logan, 15 and a daughter Lilly, 14. Join Kelly as she shares her

faith and walk with Christ

Mitzie grew up in Corunna, MI and was active at her church.

She graduated High School in 1984, where she played girl’s tennis, as well as bass clarinet and tenor sax in concert and marching bands.

She worked at shoe stores through college,

graduating from  Michigan State University.

Mitzie worked in retail management positions beginning in Miami, FL, leading to a move back to Michigan, then northern

Michigan. She met her husband of 26 years, Doug, at Crystal

Mountain where she worked for 13 years, primarily as a

Conference/Catering Manager for Associations and Weddings.

She earned her CMP certification at Crystal, before moving to

Gaylord where Doug’s career took them.

Mitzie began to substitute teach and para-pro to spend more

mom time with Caleb, now 23 years old. God has led her to a

few other employment opportunities since. She is currently a Health Technician in Optometry at the Gaylord VA.

She has been active at Gaylord Methodist Church for about 8 years and serves as the Worship Committee Chair.

Debbie grew up in Rogers City, MI where she met her soulmate, the late Noel in high school. They were married for 47 years.

Faith, family (personal and church) and friends are the focus and highlight of Debbie’s life. She was raised in the Catholic faith and her life of Ministry at St. Mary Cathedral allowed her to grow in leadership and service to the Lord in the Gaylord Methodist Church. Debbie’s experiences include being a Catechist (religion teacher) with Noel, Director of

Religious Education (responsible for the public-school religion program), leading First Communion and Confirmation classes, involvement in the Crop

Walk (both locally and at the State level),

participating in the first Christian Leadership

Institute (a Gaylord Diocese three-year study of discipleship to become a Lay Minister), Eucharistic Minister, Liturgist, Usher and small group Bible Study member.

Standing on the Promises of God, Debbie will lead you through both the Old and New

Testament: God’s Vows, Covenants and Promises to key people in the Bible and how they relate to her life and prayerfully yours as well.

Michele is a near native of Gaylord. Her family moved here when she was 2 years of age, and she grew up in the Gaylord Methodist Church. She is the middle child of Rich and Nancy Ross.

Growing up in the church gave Michele a strong Christian foundation that has supported her through many life

difficulties and challenges. Today, her faith in God has led

her to a fulfilling music ministry.

She is an accomplished

pianist and provides the accompaniment for the church chancel choir, the traditional Sunday service, and funerals, as

well as many other special occasions. She is also a self-taught organist, often alternating between piano and organ during a service.

Michele is the Administrative Assistant at the Gaylord Methodist Church. She leads a Women’s Small Group Bible Study.

Michele will lead the Glory Girls in music

during our Women’s Retreat.

Judy was raised in Harbor Beach, MI, and was living a very busy life as the owner of her own business, The Flower Boutique, serving as the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, in charge of the Harbor beach Centennial Parade and Celebration, and very active in a local Baptist Church. 

Enter a new, young Pastor in town. Judy and her mother soon joined the Rev. Barry Sweet's Episcopalian Church, because Judy wanted to be involved in the Bible Study Group, and the young Pastor's sermons had impressed her.

Judy has served alongside Barry as his wife for 40 years, leading Christian Education and all other duties of a pastor's wife.

The Sweets retired to Gaylord and continue to do God's work. Judy is a true blessing to GFUMC; teaching Sunday school, playing an intricate role in the UWF Women's Retreat Committee, 

leading a Women's Bible Study Group, as well as being a mentor 


Women's Retreat Registration


Cost to attend is $10 per person, which includes breakfast, lunch, and prizes! Ticket purchases and registration MUST be made in advance.  
and please fill out the registration form. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!
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